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  • Asset Action #1: Ditch the Dow: Get into stable plays outside of the Dow AND outside the U.S. with investments that offer both appreciation and income.

  • Asset Action #2: Win Big with Losers: 28 specific investments guaranteed to go UP when indexes and commodities — even sectors — go down.

  • Asset Action #3: Escape Extreme Market Volatility: If the market tanks, get out of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and into these cash-like plays.

  • Asset Action #4: Flee to Foreign Currencies: These foreign currency plays offer consistent gains and dividends as U.S. markets swoon and the dollar drops.

  • Asset Action #5: Know Your Investing Goals: Doug’s three model portfolios ( Income, Growth and Aggressive Growth) help you reach your individual goals.

  • Asset Action #6: Minimize Your Tax Exposure: To ensure you only pay Uncle Sam the minimum possible, you’ll need this report’s expert advice.

  • Asset Action #7: Get the Dirt on Mutual Funds: Here, you’ll find Doug’s air-tight case for leaving mutual funds behind in favor of ETFs.

In addition to your own American Asset Protection and Growth Kit, you’ll also get access to Doug’s invitation-only conference call: “Trigger Event 2016.” During this one-hour, exclusive event, you’ll discover:

  • WHEN the “Trigger Event” is most likely to occur in 2016

  • How to insulate and protect ALL of your savings and retirement assets from a repeat of 2008’s devastating 53% market losses

  • Special tactics, tricks, and tips for protecting your IRA, 401(k), pension, and savings accounts from fallout from this event

  • Unique short-term and long-term indicators in the markets to focus on… and how to play them for maximum returns

  • Proven techniques to bank ultra-safe, double-digit returns using ETFs… even in the face of a market crash

  • Up-to-the-minute analysis of stocks, commodities, key sectors, emerging markets, and political developments that could affect your wealth

  • And much, much more…

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Successful ETF Investing’s Three Model Portfolios — Whether you’re looking for Income, Growth or Aggressive Growth in the markets… Doug’s got ETF plays for every investor’s needs, and you’ll find his recommended portfolios for each of these three investment goals.
Successful ETF Investing Weekly Dispatches — Delivered every Friday, these dispatches include Doug’s market analysis and commentary, buy/hold/sell advice on current positions, plus new opportunities Doug is watching.
Subscribers-Only Teleconference Events — Throughout the year, Doug holds invitation-only teleconference events (just like “Trigger Event 2016”) for his most valued members, during which he shares his views on pressing investment topics.
24/7 Website Access — You’ll have instant, password-protected access to all of Doug’s current advice, special reports, archives of back issues and recent articles, and more.
ETF Education Page — Almost every monthly issue includes an ETF Education Page where Doug shares insights and little-known facts about ETFs to help you become a smarter investor.
Comprehensive ETF Database — Located on our members-only website, this is the industry’s most comprehensive ETF database that you can use to monitor and analyze the more than 1,500 ETFs and ETNs in existence today.

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