An Eagle Financial Publications Urgent Special Exposé

Obama’s Secret Endgame

The FINAL STAGE of his hidden agenda for America has quietly taken effect…

And it’s about to crash the Dow and crush your retirement!


Dear Reader,

Think Obama’s a “lame duck” president because Congress has gone Republican and he’s running out of time in his second term?

Think again.

Obama’s actually more powerful than ever.

As the facts I’m about to lay out will prove, Obama is a legal and political mastermind whose unchecked power has nothing to do with Congress, the Democrat party…

Or especially the will of the people!

And what I now believe — you will too, when you see the evidence I’ve seen…

Is that virtually everything Obama has done as President is part of a hidden agenda that’s now literally unstoppable.

I’m talking about things like:

  • Stimulus and bailouts
  • QE and money printing
  • The GM and Chrysler takeovers
  • The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Drones, domestic spying, and cell phone tapping
  • Misuse of the IRS, BLM and other government agencies
  • Executive orders, selective enforcement, procedural abuses, and more

As I’m about to show you…

ALL of these seemingly unrelated things are actually coordinated elements of Obama’s sweeping, unseen plan for America.

If the genius analyst who connected these dots for me is right yet again…

And as you’ll see, he’s been right about a whole lot of things over the last 20 years…

The secret “endgame” of this plan is to federalize $23 trillion in American retirement assets.

That’s another way of saying, “take over everyone’s IRAs, 401ks, and pensions”.

Don’t believe it?

In about 10 minutes, I’ll have you utterly convinced it’s the truth.

Let me start with the single most damning piece of evidence revealing the existence of Obama’s hidden agenda to take your retirement money…

The Supreme Court decision that REALLY screwed America

The conservative media is always talking about how the federal courts are slapping Obama down for exceeding his constitutional powers…

But the fact is, Obama’s got the court that matters most — the Supreme Court of the United Stated — in his back pocket.

From immigration, carbon emissions, gay marriage, Obamacare (twice!), and just about everything else that’s really important to the president…

The Supreme Court has shown itself to be his willing accomplice.

But here’s the thing…

While everybody’s whooping, hollering, and hand-wringing about the recent Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare…

The decision that’s really going to screw America over went virtually unreported.

It was a little case called Tibble v. Edison.

In that case, the court unanimously ruled that employers who offer their employees 401(k) plans…

Are now legally obligated to protect those employees against mutual funds that underperform or overcharge within those plans.

And who will decide what constitutes “underperformance”?

Why, the federal government, of course.

That’s the hidden agenda Obama’s been maneuvering for ever since he assumed the office of president…

The legal ability to assume control of American retirement assets — under the guise of consumer protection.

And last year, the Supreme Court just rubber-stamped the “endgame” move of this plan (more on this in a moment).

Now all Obama needs is a market crash to ensure your pension fund underperforms.

And that’s the scariest and most shocking part of this whole scenario…

To carry out his plan, Obama’s going to have to crash the U.S. stock markets

Now, if that just plain doesn’t make sense to you…

Again, I promise it’s going to make perfect, terrifying sense in just a few more minutes.

That’s because I’m going to show you exactly why this market crash is necessary to Obama’s real agenda.

I’m also going to show you why, at this point…

There’s virtually nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Not even the Republican Congress (if they even had the guts to try).

The fact is, just about the ONLY thing you can do is make a simple choice:

You can let President Obama practically steal all the retirement money you’ve worked so hard for over the years.

Or you can make a few simple moves that’ll not only render Washington powerless over your retirement assets…

But even potentially double those assets — while the rest of America loses its collective shirt.

In fact, I’m about to give you SEVEN specific tools to help you do exactly that…

Completely free of charge or obligation.

Together, these seven invaluable tools make up our brand-new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

This kit was assembled specifically to protect you from Obama’s hidden agenda

By the only market analyst in the country who even knows about it.

Yes, you’re going to meet this political and investing genius shortly.

You’ll also learn how to get his comprehensive new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit — again, 100% FREE.

But first, I want to show you what you’re no doubt waiting to see…

Proof that nearly everything Obama has done is part of a secret to take over America’s retirement assets.

And why at this point, that plan literally cannot be stopped

Neither can the stock market crash it depends on.

Obama tips his hand — but only ONE analyst in America saw it

Hello. My name is Roger Michalski.

I’m the Vice President of Eagle Financial Publications in Washington, D.C.

Here at the Eagle Financial “think tank,” we’re continually blowing the whistle on federal abuses of power.

But we also show our readers how to preserve their assets — plus actually make large amounts of money…

Even in the face of such “soft tyranny.”

Today, I’m going to reveal what may well prove to be the most egregious abuse of presidential power ever perpetrated on the American public

I’m also going to show you how NOT to be a victim of it — and perhaps even get rich as it happens.

Obama actually gave us a glimpse of his true agenda early last year.

It happened in a State of the Union Address, with the words…

“Let’s do more to help Americans save for retirement.”

Like so many of history’s most villainous words, they sounded innocent. Even noble.

Yet what I now know — and what you’ll know shortly, if you heed the wisdom of the brilliant market analyst you’re about to meet…

Is that these words signal the “endgame” phase of a plan so shocking and extreme that 99.9% of the Democrats in Washington don’t have a clue about it.

If they did, even the most radical among them would mutiny.

That’s because once again, his hidden agenda is to take control of the $23 trillion currently held in American retirement accounts…

But I’m getting a little ahead of things here.

To blow the lid off a story this big and shocking, I’ll need to start at the beginning.

It’s no secret Obama’s money-drunk. The secret is how he’s going to pay for his programs with your retirement money.

Pundits left and right can argue all day about what Obama really is…

A Muslim-loving Marxist.

A non-citizen who’s stolen the American presidency.

A glorified community organizer who’s in way over his head…

Or even a pioneer of human rights and freedom who’s risen against all odds to become the most powerful man in the world.

But just about ALL of these pundits — left or right — can agree on one thing…

Barack Obama is a total spendthrift.

Since taking office, Obama has added more than $7 trillion to the national debt — an increase of over 66%.

And he’s on pace to DOUBLE the debt (or more) by the time his presidency ends in January of 2017…

What’s he doing with all that money?

As you may know, he’s not spending it on defense, military pensions, domestic energy expansion, or a wall between the U.S. and Mexico…

Instead, he’s plowing trillions into a bunch of unsustainable vanity projects and Democrat vote-buying programs.

Things like:

  • Obamacare — This “affordable” care will cost taxpayers at least another $2.6 trillion over the next ten years (and the estimates keep getting bigger).
  • Welfare — These programs have ballooned more than 32% under Obama, and it’s estimated he’ll spend a total of $10.3 trillion on them by 2018.
  • Slacker aid — In the last six years, we’ve paid over $82 billion on food stamps, free lunch programs, 20 million free “Obama phones,” and tons more.
  • Green energy — Our $80 billion in “green” energy investment has bought us 36 failing or bankrupt companies (like Solyndra), and 1,900 investigations for fraud and misuse of federal funds.

Keep in mind — these are just a handful of the costly agendas that have made Obama the biggest spender in world history.

And despite his “GDP growth and spending cuts” mantra…

The hard truth is that Obama’s aiming to fund all these shenanigans, and more, with your retirement money.

It’s literally the only source of cash he has left.

Let me just put this into some perspective for you.

Even if we could somehow put a total freeze on federal spending increases…

It would still take current spending cuts (like the “sequester”) over 128 years to pay off the debts we already owe.

And as for growth, based on 2013’s GDP growth rate of 2.6% per year…

It would take more than 40 years to “grow our way out” of our current debt burden.

Even based on the average American GDP growth since 1935 — which is a healthy 4.4% per year…

It would still take nearly 24 years to pay off our outstanding debt.

Again, NONE of these calculations factor in unfunded liabilities — conservatively estimated at around $45 trillion!

And again, they’re based on a total freeze on federal spending at current levels.

But let’s get real.

After 78 debt-ceiling increases since 1960…

And with Obama spending more money in his first six years in office than we spent in the first 227 years of our nation’s history

You and I both know that any kind of spending freeze (or additional cuts) under Obama is a pipe dream.

That’s why this now-familiar “debt clock” keeps spinning forward at over $31 billion per minute.

Bottom line: We can’t cut OR grow our way out of Obama’s historic spending spree…

Nor can we continue to rely on other countries to pay for his debauchery.

The fact is, we already owe more than a third of our outstanding debt to other sovereign nations around the world…

And they’re getting tired of footing our bills.

In fact, China and Japan — by far the largest buyers of American debt…

Recently reduced their holdings of U.S. treasuries to the lowest levels in 10 years.

And in 2013, foreign nations overall bought fewer American IOUs than at any point since 2006.

Why are these and other nations tightening up the purse strings all of a sudden?

My guess is because they’ve figured out Obama’s hidden agenda.

Remember, they’ve got teams of their own brilliant economists — who are looking at the same numbers I’m about to show you…

And very likely coming to the same conclusion: that Obama’s about to raid every piggy bank in America to the tune of $23 trillion!

However, as I show you exactly how I believe he’s going to do that (and if I’m right, it’s unbelievably shocking)…

I want to make sure you don’t lose sight of the upside to all this.

This silver lining is the fact that the world-renowned, politically astute American market analyst you’re about to meet has figured out this hidden agenda.

And as you’ll see, he’s got a plan of his own…

One that can help you not only “opt out” of Obama’s seizure of your IRA, 401(k), or pension — but actually profit hugely from it.

That’s not an exaggeration.

What I’m offering you today is a very real chance to multiply your own retirement nest egg several times over

Even as tens of millions of hard-working Americans LOSE control of theirs.

Don’t scoff — because if the analyst who showed me the hidden framework of this hidden agenda is right yet again (and he almost always is)…

That’s exactly what you’re up against.

To prove this beyond any possible doubt, let me throw back the curtain on Obama’s hidden agenda right now.

TWO of the three phases of this plan are already complete…

Only the shocking “endgame” phase remains. And it’s gearing up right now.

I hope you’re sitting down, because what I’m about to show you is some scary stuff…

Obama Agenda Phase One:
Fatten you for the slaughter

Now bear with me for a moment — because this next bit of data is very important.

From just after World War II until the late 1990s…

America’s stock market precisely reflected the underlying economic fundamentals — simple GDP growth, plus natural inflation.

In fact, over that 49-year period, the Dow and the true economy deviated from each other by less than 4.5%…

With the blue chips ending up slightly lower than America’s real economic growth.

But then a strange thing happened…

In the late 90s, President Clinton figured out how to use monetary policy to temporarily “goose” stocks higher than the underlying economics.

Things like a rate snip or two here, a little money printing there, etc.

Bush did it, too — plus added a couple of middle-class tax refunds into the mix.

The combined results of these “loose” monetary policies were market booms that exceeded simple GDP growth and inflation.

For instance, the Clinton boom of 1996 – 2000 juiced the market by 114%.

But here’s the thing…

Supporting that boom was stellar GDP growth of 57%, plus 22% inflation.

That’s an incredible 79% in real economic growth during the Clinton years!

The Bush years were a similar story.

Though bracketed by two major recessions — the bursting of the tech and real estate bubbles…

The Bush presidency nevertheless produced a five-year market boom of 87%.

This bull run was also a byproduct of substantial real economic growth…

A total of 68% during the Bush years — 43% from GDP, plus an additional 25% from inflation.

The point is this: Anything the stock market reflects above GDP growth and inflation is hocus-pocus of one kind or another by the federal government.

History itself proves that — as I’ve just shown you.

Now, with that history in mind, let’s take a look at the Obama Dow from the time he took office through late 2014.

Judging from the lessons of the Clinton and Bush years…

You’d think there would be strong, triple-digit fundamental growth propping up the incredible 157% market run we’ve all enjoyed during Obama’s tenure.

But you’d be wrong.

The truth is, the real economic growth drivers — GDP and inflation — have only gone up around 22% since Obama took office.

That means during the Obama years, the Dow has gone up more than seven times as much as the real economy has grown.

In fact, without Obama’s artificial market manipulation, the Dow would probably only be sitting at around 8,083 right now!

Yes, you’re doing the math right…

More than half the value of today’s stock market has been completely fabricated by Barack Obama.

We all know how he did it: with money printing, quantitative easing, interest rate rigging, and “stimulus” and subsidies of all types.

But now for the $64 trillion question (literally)…

WHY would Obama need to inflate the stock market to such an extreme extent?

Especially if it’s more or less meaningless to the real U.S. economy?

If you’re sharp, the answer is already starting to dawn on you…

You’re being fattened for the slaughter.

That’s the only possible explanation for why Obama has gone to such pains to artificially double the stock market.

It’s to inflate the American retirement accounts he’s secretly got in his sights.

The fact is, Obama’s extreme market manipulation has “fattened” America’s IRA’s, 401(k)’s and pension funds by $9 trillion since he took office.

Now, if this isn’t compelling proof all by itself that he’s plotting a move on your retirement money, I don’t know what would be.

And this is only ONE phase of his diabolical agenda. Wait ‘til you see the other two.

But remember: You don’t have to lose a penny of your assets as this plan unfolds!

Not if you listen to me today — and get our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

The whole reason this 7-piece kit exists…

Is to save whoever reads it from the coordinated assault on retirement assets that’s coming before Obama’s last day in office.

And even help them as much as double or triple their nest eggs — out of the government’s reach.

This kit isn’t just for you. It’s for your whole family, too.

Your friends. Your neighbors. Everyone you know.

Seriously, I WANT you to circulate your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit to as many people as you can

So does the genius analyst who compiled this kit, whom you’ll meet shortly.

That’s why we’re making it available to you completely FREE OF CHARGE — and with no risk or obligation…

Because the information in it is too important to millions of patriotic, retirement-bound Americans for us to charge for it.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to get this kit — again, it’s totally FREE.

And I urge you to do exactly that, right now.

Because if you think Obama can’t possibly pull this $23 trillion asset grab off…

You’ll believe it after I show you the second and third phases of his true agenda.

Obama Agenda Phase Two:
Program you to “rely and comply”

As you may already know…

The market genius I’m about to introduce you to isn’t the only one suggesting that Obama’s eyeing up America’s IRAs, 401(K)s, and pensions.

But he’s the only one who’s figured out HOW Obama could actually do it.

And knowing that is vitally important to keeping your nest egg out of his hands…

Or even playing this historic money-grab for gains that could actually double or triple your retirement assets.

But I’m getting ahead of the game again…

How he’s going to take control of your money is the third, “endgame” phase of this plan (and those details are coming soon).

This second phase is about preparing us, in a million subtle ways, for that endgame.

To do this, Obama has engaged in a systematic campaign to foster both reliance on the federal government — and compliance with it.

In other words, he’s making sure that when he does ask us to turn over our money…

We’ll either believe in Washington’s ability to manage it — or be too afraid of the government’s vast, arbitrary power to resist.

Either way, Obama ends up with your cash.

Sound farfetched? Consider the evidence:

BAILOUTS AND TAKEOVERS — In a historically unprecedented move, the Obama Administration inserted itself into the bankruptcy proceedings of two of America’s “Big Three” automakers in early 2009.

In the case of Chrysler, the interference resulted in a federal restructuring (and financing) deal in which the Treasury held a substantial ownership interest…

In the case of GM, the Treasury Department assumed a 61% controlling interest in the company. This is what gave rise to the name “Government Motors”.

And just like that, Obama set an entirely new precedent of government involvement in private enterprise.

Now, today it’s car companies…

Tomorrow it could be banks, brokerages, mortgage lenders, consumer credit companies, investment houses, Wall Street trading firms, etc.

Think about it: Washington’s already set the precedent of bailing these companies out when the market tanks.

So what’s to say the next step isn’t taking them over entirely, along with all the money Americans have in them?

It’s not so farfetched, I’m sure you’ll agree…

OBAMACARE — Like the GM and Chrysler takeovers (and the bank bailouts), Obamacare sets an entirely new precedent for the scope of federal power…

And the subtext of it is just as simple to figure out:

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Not only can we rely on the federal government to look after us — but they’re going to do it whether we like it or not.

We either accept on faith that they’re acting in our best interests and submit to their judgment…

Or we die.

It’ll be the same with our money, you mark my words.

Under Obama’s hidden agenda, the government is subtly maneuvering itself into position to be our financial caretakers…

In other words: to eventually make sure we have no other option but to let them manage our money for us.

What happens if we resist, or refuse?

Well, that’s the scariest part…

At least for those who love liberty above all other things (like myself, and like the market genius I’m about to introduce you to).

DRONES AND DOMESTIC SPYING — To all but the most paranoid Americans, the idea that we were being illegally monitored around the clock by at least 15 domestic spying programs would have seemed absurd…

And yet, that’s the shocking, downright un-American truth that was revealed by the Snowden leaks last June.

Sporting names like “PRISM”, “QUANTUM”, “DISHFIRE”, “PICASSO”, “COTTONMOUTH”, and more…

These programs can (and do) monitor cell phone calls and texts, analyze internet traffic, track computer usage through walls, hijack smart phones, and lots of other things that would scare you witless.

And then there’s the drones

Domestic use of drones for surveillance and law enforcement purposes has exploded under Obama.

Currently, at least four federal agencies (the FBI, ATF, DEA, and USMS) either use or are ramping up to use drones in their everyday operations.

These unmanned devices can (and do) peer over fences, hover outside windows, and peek through the slightest sliver of open curtain with powerful zoom lenses.

Again, the unspoken message is clear…

The Big Machine knows who we are, what we do, and how much we have.

And if we don’t play ball, we’ll be targeted by an arbitrary, vindictive federal government with no regard for people’s rights.

But when it comes to Obama’s politics of fear, drones and illegal domestic surveillance are just the tip of the iceberg…

ABUSE OF FEDERAL AGENCIES — The fact is, Obama’s been using specific agencies of the federal government to persecute people and groups that don’t conform to his agenda.

There are many examples of this over the last five years, but two recent ones paint the picture in vivid, living color…

One of these involved blatant discrimination of the IRS against right-leaning political groups filing for legal tax-exempt status between 2010 and 2013.

In fact, only four such conservative-leaning groups received approval of their tax-exempt applications between April 2010 and April 2012.

Yet dozens of identical filings by liberal groups were approved over the same period!

Who appointed the head of the IRS? You guessed it: President Obama.

Another example of jackbooted federal thuggery is the case of Cliven Bundy.

He’s the Nevada rancher whose struggle against armed agents of the Bureau of Land Management made national news in April.

Whether or not Bundy was justified in claiming he has ancestral rights to graze his cattle on the land in question is irrelevant

What IS relevant is that a bunch of G-men descended upon this American and his lawful property like they were invading a hostile nation!

Who appointed the head of the BLM? President Obama, of course.

The lesson: If you fight the power, you’re going to lose — even if you’re in the right. And if you try to sound the alarm, you’ll be shut down at every turn.

So when they come asking for your money, you better let them “manage” it…

Or they’ll find a way to take it outright.

Again, these are just a few of the ways in which Obama has eroded our rights and ballooned the scope of federal power.

We didn’t even begin to touch on things like:

  • Blatant misuse of executive orders and executive privilege
  • Selective enforcement of federal law (especially on immigration)
  • The granting of waivers to existing laws (especially to Obamacare)
  • Disregard for Congressional procedures — like recess appointment rules
  • The imposition of endless new regulations, especially of the green variety
  • Appointment of a record number of powerful policy “czars” (read: Minions)

But once again, ALL of Obama’s abuses are aimed at a single goal…

Scaring, coercing, or brainwashing us into complying with (and relying on) federal government control over our lives.

And soon, that’ll include our assets.

Now, aside from voting, there’s nothing you can legally do to stop these abuses.

However, there IS something you can do to protect your retirement wealth from the mass confiscation Obama’s planning…

And even multiply those assets two or three times over as it happens.

It won’t cost you a thing to do it, either.

All you have to do is take me up on my offer to GIVE you our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit…


This new kit will give you — and everyone you know, if you choose to share it…

The seven specific tools you’ll need to “opt out” of the endgame phase of Obama’s shocking hidden agenda (the part where he takes all your money).

Yes, in just a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how to get this new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit in your hands ASAP.

But first, let me show you how this mass confiscation of wealth is going to go down…

“Endgame” Phase: Panic you into giving them your money

Realistically, the only way Obama can get his hands on America’s $23 trillion in retirement assets without ruining his legacy…

Is to somehow persuade tens of millions of Americans to voluntarily turn over their money to the federal government.

How could he swing that?

Well, according to the brilliant market analyst I’m about to introduce you to…

Obama knows damn well that all of his market-inflating shenanigans are going to result in a major market correction sometime before he leaves office.

Quite simply, he’ll wait until that begins to happens, then swoop in with a bunch of ready-made “asset protection” schemes…

Like the hazily defined MyRA program — and who knows what else.

And with the horror of the Great Recession still fresh in their minds…

Millions of Americans will practically throw their nest eggs at the government for a guaranteed 3% interest (or whatever paltry terms they’re offering).

Think about it: All he’d need is for the Dow to drop 3,000 points in six months.

If that happens, throngs of people would be begging to dump their life savings into whatever “can’t lose” government bond programs they could.

How realistic is this scenario? 

Unfortunately, a lot more now that new Fed Chair Janet Yellen is steering the ship.

She’s hell-bent on both raising interest rates AND increasing inflation — sure market-killers in any economy.

And as you’ll recall, no sooner was Yellen confirmed by the Senate…

Than Obama started priming the pump for “doing more to help Americans save for retirement” in his State of the Union Address.


I don’t see how it could be, in light of everything I’ve just shown you.

And although the details of Obama’s new “MyRA” program have (conveniently) not yet been made public…

We do know that it creates a new, tax-deferred class of investment that seeks to channel private money into government treasuries.

What more do we need to know than that?

I truly believe that this vaguely defined “MyRA” program is a critical first step toward the federalization of your retirement assets.

If I’m right, there will be more of these “helpful” bond-investing programs to come, each a bit more urgent and far-reaching than the last.

Now that you’ve seen these facts, Obama’s real agenda should be alarmingly clear.

The only thing that remains is for you to decide what you’re going to do about it

Are you going to LET him take your hard-earned retirement assets by force?

Or are you going to be one of the few Americans who’ll get the chance to “opt out” of this legalized robbery?

Because once again, that’s precisely what I’m offering you today.

In just a moment, I’m going to show you how to get our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

Completely FREE of charge, risk or obligation.

In it, you’ll find seven specific investing tools aimed at helping you achieve three vital objectives:

  1. Maximize your investment gains from now until the market tanks (and it will)
  2. Protect ALL your retirement wealth from a massive federal asset grab
  3. Double your nest egg or more — even as millions lose theirs

Now, getting this new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit is easy, fast…

And once again, TOTALLY FREE.

Once you get it, it’s yours to share with whomever you want in your personal circle.

In fact, we want you to tell your neighbors, family and friends all about Obama’s hidden agenda…

Along with the investments that can protect ALL of you from this plan’s destructive “endgame” — or even make you rich as it plays out.

That’s why we’re not charging one red cent for it!

Now don’t worry. I’m going to show you exactly how to get this new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

Right after I do something I should’ve done a lot earlier.

Introduce you to the genius analyst who compiled this kit…

Why you NEED to listen to “…One of the best market-timers in the business.”

If you’re into making money, you probably already know who Doug Fabian is.

Not only is he the host of Doug Fabian’s Wealth Strategies, the renowned syndicated weekly radio show…

He’s also been seen on more TV shows about money, investing, politics, and the market than I could list — on networks like CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and many more.

Beyond this, Fabian’s a regular market commentator in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and others…

He also authored McGraw-Hill’s popular 2001 financial book, Maverick Investing.

But these things are how the public knows Doug Fabian…

Being his Publisher, I’m the one who sees first-hand how eerily accurate Doug is at timing and playing market crashes.

In fact, Investor’s Business Daily once called Doug, “One of the best market timers in the business.”

In the more than 11 years I’ve been in the financial publishing industry, I’ve seen him protect his readers from market crises time and again.

In fact, Fabian has been out in front of EVERY major market downturn since the turn of the century…

  • He called the “Tech Crash” of 2001 — and saved his readers from a 32% shellacking when the dotcom bubble really burst in ’02.
  • He called the Crash of 2008 — Most analysts said October 2007’s subprime mortgage bust was just a temporary correction in a longer-term bull market…

But Doug knew better. In January of 2008, he told his readers to “Get out of stocks!” Those who listened dodged losses of up to 48% over the next 13 months.

  • He called the REAL bottom of the Great Recession — In September of 2008, a lot of perma-bull mainstream analysts were calling the bottom of the Great Recession…

But Doug told his readers the market would “lose another 10% – 15% by Election Day.” And as you may remember, that’s exactly what happened.

  • He called the Municipal Default Crisis of 2011/12 — In the summer of 2011, Doug predicted a coming “domino effect” of municipal bankruptcies and bond defaults. And within a few weeks, those dominoes started falling…

First, Central Falls, Rhode Island filed for bankruptcy, then Jefferson County, Alabama. Then Harrisburg (the capital of Pennsylvania!), initiated bankruptcy proceedings…

Three months later, Stockton and Mammoth Lakes, California followed suit. Then, in the summer of 2012, the biggest domino of all fell: Detroit.

See what I mean?

When Doug Fabian says there’s a crash or crisis coming in America, you’d better listen up

And that’s exactly what he’s telling us today.

According to Fabian, the market is going to collapse soon — because of the simple “economic gravity” of a 157% boom with only 22% real growth.

That’s why he put together his new seven-piece American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

To protect your assets from “federalization” in the major U.S. market crash that’s inevitably bearing down on us right now, one way or another.

Take it from me, as the long-time publisher of Doug’s financial advisory services…

I can tell you first-hand about his uncanny ability to time the markets for both big wins AND massive asset protection for his readers.

But I don’t have to do that — his readers do it for me all the time!

I’ve gotten stacks of letters and e-mails from grateful Fabian readers over the years…

Folks like M. Tanner, from Monrovia, California, who wrote:

And S. Filson, from Utah, who wrote in to tell Doug:

Then there’s R. Walker, a satisfied reader from Lawndale, California, who told Doug:

Here’s another good one from the stack, from G. Bennett of Nutley, New Jersey:

Again, these are just a few examples from literally hundreds of letters, notes, and comments I’ve received from readers over the last decade.

But I’ve picked these particular ones to hammer home a point few investors today (or investment advisors) seem to realize…

The fact that getting rich and retiring comfortably is about not losing the money you have as much as scoring huge wins in the market.

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Introducing the American Asset Protection and Growth Kit, your guide to safety (and riches) through the Obama Crash

Doug Fabian has been an investment advisor of one type of another continuously since 1978.

He was right there in the thick of things during the heyday of the mutual fund industry in the 1990s…

In fact, Smart Money magazine named him one of 30 most influential players of that industry in 1999.

But even though Doug has bought, sold, recommended, analyzed, and traded just about everything under the sun over the last 36 years…

These days, he’s narrowed his focus to one investment vehicle in particular: ETFs.

ETFs, or “Exchange Traded Funds” are the fastest-growing investment in the world right now, and for good reasons.

They’re as simple to trade as any stock…

Yet they spread your exposure (and reduce your risks) beyond any single security to an index, commodity, or basket of assets. 

They’re highly liquid, diversified, short-able, can be bought on margin, and their expense ratios are lower than mutual funds.

ETFs can also give you lucrative exposure to overseas and emerging markets — where some of the hottest profit action in the world is…

But with all the safety and familiarity of buying stocks on a domestic exchange.

For all of these reasons, and others, ETFs are the perfect investment vehicle for dicey markets.

That’s why they’re the sole moneymaking focus of both the marquee investment advisory service I publish for Doug — called Successful ETF Investing

And his new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

As I’ve been saying, this kit has seven invaluable components to it.

You will not find these resources anyplace else — they are not available for download or sale, anywhere, at any price.

The ONLY way you can get this kit is through this bulletin, right here…

And again, it’s absolutely FREE.

Yes, we could charge big money for this new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit  — easily $500 or more.

But as I’ve mentioned…

Both Doug and I consider the information in this report too important to America to charge any money for.

The only reason we don’t simply post it on the Internet for the whole country to see is because then people WOULD try to re-package it and sell it for big money!

Now don’t worry — I’m going to show you how to get this kit in just a moment…

Plus how it goes hand-in-hand with Doug’s Successful ETF Investing advisory service.

Getting your FREE American Asset Protection and Growth Kit is easy to do, only takes a moment, and there’s no obligation of any kind.

First, though, let me give you a brief taste of the invaluable information within it.

Let’s start with the most urgent component of the whole kit…

Three Ways to Dodge — and Profit From — Obama’s Hidden Agenda

As the title implies, this all-new special report contains three specific, red-hot ETF investments you must make right now

Before the “market crash” part of Obama’s real agenda unfolds.

These three plays are tailor-made to foil the President’s diabolical plan to take over your IRA, 401(k), or pension…

In fact, they’re the MOST urgent picks for each of the three portfolios in Doug’s Successful ETF Investing (I’ll show you these in more detail in just a moment).

Let me give you a quick snapshot of exactly why that’s the case:

OBAMA CRASH PICK #1: Today’s Hottest Underplayed “Offshore” ETF

This one’s a red-hot play on one of today’s best-performing (and most stable) foreign markets…

And no, it’s not China.

Aside from very impressive raw profits (it’s up over 23% year-to-date, with no end in sight), this under-the-radar ETF play gives you:

  • A strong, stable investment outside of the soon-to-crash Dow — and just as importantly, outside of the vulnerable U.S. dollar itself 
  • A perfect inflation hedge, since this nation’s economy is heavily influenced by commodities — which all rise when the dollar weakens
  • A 78% focus on large-caps stocks, which gives you a comparatively greater level of asset stability
  • A strong diversification through 11 key sectors within this nation’s overall robust economy — including the high-flying financial and energy sectors
  • An excellent 6%+ annual dividend yield!

Now, don’t be fooled. Even though this ETF pays out exceptionally strong income, it’s actually Doug’s number one growth portfolio pick

And it’s grossly undervalued right now — by as much as 40%.

Based on Doug’s numbers, I could easily see this pick doubling in value, in relatively short order…

Especially if the wheels come off the cart here in the American markets!

But again, this is just ONE of three must-have ETF plays you’ll find in this invaluable marque special report…

Here’s the next one:

OBAMA CRASH PICK #2: A New, Under-the-radar “Prodigy” ETF

This urgent pick’s a relative newcomer to the ETF market, yet it’s already punching far above its weight.

It’s another one of Fabian’s stellar plays that blur the lines between growth and income… 

But this under-the-radar ETF’s got the most potential in the income department.

In fact, it’s Doug’s number one income portfolio pick for a U.S. market crash…

Here’s why:

  • It targets not an individual nation, sector, or group of commodities — but simply the 150 highest-yielding investable securities on the planet 
  • And guess what: 70% of this fund’s exceptionally high-yielding assets are outside of the United States
  • This ETFs yields are NOT directly correlated to long-term interest rates, which we know Obama will be nudging upward in the U.S. soon

Beyond these appealing factors, this play currently shells out over 6% in dividend income…

Yet its share price is up over 21% in just the last year (told you it blurred the lines)!

As a capper, its exceptional diversity across 10 lucrative sectors — including energy, real estate, and communications…

Helps to insulate this ETF from sudden declines in income from any one particular market sector.

From everything I can see, this ETF play is a winner all the way around.

But remember — Doug’s got one more super-hot pick you’ve got to get into right now…

OBAMA CRASH PICK #3: An Emerging “Un-American” Superstar

If you want to protect your assets against an American market crash…

Few strategies are better than to invest in ETFs that leverage foreign nations, economies, and sectors.

In other words, to invest in things that don’t NEED America to succeed in order to make you money…

Doug’s number one aggressive portfolio pick is a textbook example of this.

It’s focused specifically on one particularly explosive technology sector — of one particularly powerful emerging market.

And its returns would fit just about anyone’s definition of “aggressive.”

This ETF has averaged more than 16% annual gains over the last three years — and it’s getting hotter by the minute…

In fact, it has won investors nearly 27% gains over just the last 12 months!

But by all indications, it’s just getting warmed up.

According to Doug, the tech sector this ETF plays is poised for 30% – 40% growth (or more) over just the next 24 months

That’s why you need to get money down on this play NOW.

I’d hate for you to miss out on this kind of growth potential…

It’s exactly the kind of “un-American” play that could save your bacon — or even double your money — in the midst of a devastating U.S. market crash.

Again, you’ll get the details behind all three of these incredible ETF plays in Three Ways to Dodge — and Profit From — Obama’s Hidden Agenda.

Any one of these plays, or ALL of them, could realistically hand you 50% – 100% returns in the short-to medium-term

Even if (when) the American market crashes and burns.

Also in this blockbuster new report, you’ll learn:

  • The five specific reasons why ETFs are the perfect foil to Obama’s hidden agenda
  • Why ETFs are your money’s best defense against an over-reaching government
  • Why ETFs are your best defense against a crashing market, too
  • How ETFs INCREASE your profits — while DECREASING your risks
  • Why a three-portfolio approach is the best way to play ETFs for maximum growth AND income
  • The three major advantages ETFs have over mutual funds, and much more

But remember, this report is just ONE of the seven invaluable resources you’ll get as part of your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

Here’s the next one right now…

Seven Strategies to “Obama-Proof” Your Assets (and Double Them!)

Whether it happens as the “endgame” of Obama’s agenda — or simply as a natural consequence of the market bubble he created bursting spectacularly

Doug Fabian KNOWS there’s a major Dow crash coming. Soon.

And to make sure you don’t suffer a repeat of 2008, Doug’s put together no less than seven specific strategies to protect your wealth, however this crash unfolds…

In fact, just ONE of these strategies could actually double your money in a steady Dow free-fall similar to the one we all endured just six short years ago.

Put them all together and you could be looking at a 200%-300% increase in the value of your retirement assets…

While millions of your countrymen lose everything.

Also in the pages of this report, you’ll discover:

  • 28 specific investments that are guaranteed to go UP when major indexes, commodities, and key sectors tank
  • How to get all of your assets out of stocks, bonds, mutual funds — all the standard mainstream investments — and still make money
  • Why you shouldn’t sell all your stocks… yet.
  • 19 specific ways to get OUT of the U.S. dollar when the time comes — and INTO lucrative (yet safe) plays on foreign currencies
  • The right (and again, safe) way to seamlessly move your money into lucrative emerging market plays when the Dow starts circling the drain
  • How to identify and capitalize on market “inflection points” for maximum profits and minimized risks
  • Why you should look closely at these 14 specific plays on depressed industries for stunning potential profits in an Obama meltdown
  • Your best weapon for crisis investing, why you should avoid leveraged plays, when to transfer your wealth into fixed income assets, and much more

Again, the information in this new, one-of-a-kind report could easily double — or triple — your retirement wealth…

Even during a market crash, or a sustained bear market.

Heck, the 61 specific “Obama proof” investments listed in Seven Strategies could potentially be worth millions to you!

If you got nothing more than this one report in your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit, you’d still be way ahead of the game come crash time.

But remember, there are still five more incredible FREE components to this kit.

Here’s another invaluable one right now…

Three Portfolios, One Goal:
Consistent Gains with ETFs

In this eye-opening special report, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of ETF profiteering the Doug Fabian way…

The exact same way he guides his readers through every single month in the pages of Successful ETF Investing.

The cornerstone of this renowned “Fabian Plan” is his one-of-a-kind three-portfolio profit system.

They are:

1) The Growth Portfolio — which focuses on ETFs that offer the best chance for long-term gains, with less risk

2) The Income Portfolio — which uses dividend-paying ETFs to create investment income and protect principle

3) The Aggressive Portfolio — which plays ETFs that offer greater short-term return potential, at comparatively higher risk 

In this report, you’ll learn how to employ Doug’s three-pronged strategy in the proper ratio for maximum returns and minimum risks…

Among many other things, you’ll discover:

  • Why ETFs should be your primary investment vehicle (and why they beat mutual funds hands-down)
  • How this ETF-based 3-portfolio system allows you to play any opportunity, at any time, anywhere in the world
  • How to know exactly what YOUR personal asset allocation should be for any ETF play under the sun
  • Why trying to “cherry pick” ETF plays is less profitable than playing them “across the board”
  • How to use Doug’s one-of-a-kind ETF “watch list” to make sure you’re ready to pounce on the most lucrative plays at the perfect moment
  • Why your average “hold time” for income plays shouldn’t be determined by months and years — but by interest rates
  • The two contrasting approaches you can use to get into and out of lucrative income ETFs (and when you should use each)
  • How to make big money with ETFs in just 1-3 months — using Doug’s proprietary “five categories” Aggressive Portfolio approach
  • Guidelines on asset allocation, advice on when to go for broke and when to test the waters, why “buy and hold” is dead, and a lot more… 

As you can see, Three Portfolios, One Goal is chock-full of information and guidance you just can’t get anywhere else.

But remember, it’s only the third component of your FREE seven-piece American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

Here’s another invaluable kit resource for you right now…

The ABC’s of ETFs

In this comprehensive investing primer, you’ll learn, in-depth, everything you need to know about ETF investing…

As only master market analyst Doug Fabian can explain it.

Among the lucrative things you’ll discover in this special report:

  • The five keys of ETF investing that can help you maximize gains while minimizing risks
  • The five worst mistakes ETF investors make
  • How you can make big money with ETFs in only 10 minutes a week!
  • How avoiding basic ETF investing blunders can dramatically increase your “win” percentage and overall gains 
  • Why ETFs typically offer you higher returns — and lower expenses — than mutual funds or other common investments
  • The reasons why ETFs are a far more “tax efficient” way to invest than many other common vehicles
  • The right way to use “stop losses” to protect your returns from ETFs and other investments Doug recommends
  • How to choose the ideal ETF portfolio allocation for your particular goals.
  • How ETFs can be the ideal way to invest in one of the hottest sectors of the last few years: precious metals
  • How to choose the best ETFs for your personal investing goals (and how to add them to your existing IRA)
  • Detailed analysis of the 33 different “fund families” — and a lot more.

Again, this list only scratches the surface, but it proves my point…

What better way to learn everything you could possibly want to know about ETFs than from the world-renowned editor of Successful ETF Investing?

But in the unlikely even that you’re still on the fence about ETFs…

I promise — you won’t be after you get the fifth and sixth components of your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

Here they are, right now…

The Case Against Mutual Funds

Mutual funds have been the darlings of mainstream retirement planning Since the 1970s…

In fact, 50% of the households in the U.S. are currently holding assets in at least one mutual fund.

But according to Doug Fabian — who was once named by SmartMoney as one of the 30 most influential people in the mutual fund world…

Since ETFs have hit the scene, mutual funds are for the birds.

That’s because in general, ETFs perform better, cost less, have greater tax advantages — and are far easier and more liquid for individual investors.

Because of these and other reasons, the mutual fund industry is scared

And rightly so.

ETFs are the fastest-growing segment of the investing world today — expanding at a blistering pace of 25% per year…

In fact, there are now over 1,500 of them for investors to choose from.

And in this report, you’ll learn why ETFs are the best vehicle for your retirement assets, in any market (even a crashing one).

Things like:

  • The “big three” reasons why ETFs are clearly superior to mutual funds
  • Why ETFs cost as little as 1/4th as much annually as mutual funds, and how big a difference this can make over 10-15 years
  • Why mutual funds appear to be FREE to uneducated investors — even though their “phantom fees” are sky-high!
  • The one key reason why ETFs are far more tax-efficient than mutual funds
  • How mutual funds force new investors to pay existing fund investors’ taxes!
  • The smack-your-forehead simple reason why mutual funds rarely beat the major indexes
  • How ETFs give you vastly more exposure than mutual funds — across any index, commodity, sector, country, or market you want to play
  • The one critical reason why mutual funds are a horrible investment in a down or falling market (this ought to be a crime, in my opinion)
  • Why ETFs are far more innovative than funds, why you should beware of bonds funds in particular right now — and lots more

As usual, I’m just hitting a few of the high spots here…

You’ll get all of this — and much more — in The Case Against Mutual Funds.

And speaking of portfolio defense, let’s not forget this next eye-opening resource…

The Big Chill: How to Keep the Coming Bond Freeze from Putting Your Retirement on Ice

Wall Street’s biggest fear right now is only spoken in hushed whispers, for fear of alerting millions of mainstream investors…

It’s the fear of a massive run of bond redemptions.

According to Doug, the big trading houses and firms are right to be scared out of their wits…

In fact, he predicts that the U.S. is on the brink of a historic liquidity crisis in the bond market right now.

His evidence is pretty compelling — starting with the simple fact that there is more than $100 trillion worth of paper in the global bond market…

But there’s nowhere near $100 trillion in cash available to pay off investors if they all wanted to redeem their bonds.

That’s an overbought bond market on a scale never seen before in human history.

It’s actually 20 times as much as all the tangible money in the world!

And if Doug’s right, rising interest rates could soon spur a run on bond funds unlike anything the world has ever seen.

To guard against the economic meltdown these redemptions would ensure…

The SEC (Chaired since last April by the Obama-favored Mary Jo White) is preparing strategies to discourage bond redemptions.

These include massive redemption fees on current, low-interest bonds — as much as 15% or more…

And even a potential freeze on bond fund assets.

Talk about a federal money grab!

Think it can’t happen?

Under the Obama administration, the SEC has been subtly re-writing the law to give itself all sorts of expanded powers over the market and the economy…

Including the power to levy the redemption fees I just mentioned!

So the idea that they could mandate a freezing of bond assets really isn’t so far out of the ballpark, is it?

Luckily for you, Doug knows exactly what to do about this.

In this report, he’ll show you the right way to move your assets OUT of bond-related vehicles that could be subject to new fees or lockdowns…

Before they become targets of the federal government (or the President).

In fact, he’s got specific plays on his Successful ETF Investing “Watch List” that could help you precisely mirror the performance of any bond asset in your portfolio…

But without the fees or risks of actual bonds!

All the specifics are in this Special Report — yours FREE as part of your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

But don’t forget, you’ve still got one more incredible money-making (and wealth preserving) resource coming to you as part of this kit…

And it’s perhaps the most critical — and potentially lucrative — of them all.

A LIVE “Endgame” Strategy Session with Doug Fabian Himself!

Nothing helps to guide you through a challenging financial situation than first-hand perspectives from a renowned market veteran.

And if you take me up on my offer to send you our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE…

That’s exactly what you’ll get… 

Included in this Kit will be your personal invitation to Doug’s exclusive, readers-only teleconference. During this hour-long event Fabian will walk you through his plan for the preservation and enhancement of your wealth.

Although Doug can’t give you personalized investment advice on this call-in forum…

He will give you his invaluable personal perspectives and commentary on:

  • WHEN the current market bubble is likely to burst
  • How to insulate ALL of your retirement assets from a repeat of 2008’s devastating 53% market losses
  • Tactics, tricks and tips for protecting your IRA, 401(k), pension and savings accounts from Obama’s clutches (or anyone else in Washington)
  • What’s to be on the lookout for in the markets short- and long-term — and how to play it all for maximum returns
  • Techniques for making huge money in ETFs — even as millions of your fellow Americans lose their shirts in a major market crash
  • Up-to-the-minute analysis of stocks, commodities, key sectors and emerging markets, political developments that could effect your money, and more

Of all the seven urgent, invaluable resources you’ll get as part of your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

THIS special one-hour event has the potential to make you the most money — and save you from the biggest losses.

Remember: I WANT as many people as possible to have access to this information.

So gather up your family members — and call all your friends…

Tell them to “save the date”. 

Tell them there’s a party at your place.

Tell them anything — but get them together as Doug spills all his best secrets for the coming crisis, right on your speakerphone.

Remember, I’m Doug’s Publisher….

I’ve seen Doug predict every major American market downturn or financial crisis of the last dozen years or so.

Take it from me: you can’t afford to miss this one-time, one-of-a-kind special moneymaking event.

And like the six other moneymaking benefits of your American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

This special event is TOTALLY FREE.

All you need to do to get in on it is accept the zero-risk, no-obligation offer I’m about to make you.

It’s an offer that could literally save your bacon

And potentially double your retirement assets (or more!) — even in the midst of another major American market crash.

In fact, let me show you exactly how to get this new kit on its way to you right now…

There’s only ONE WAY to protect yourself from the “Obama Crash” that’s coming —
and here it is

In the more than 11 years I’ve been working with Doug here at Eagle, I’ve had the privilege of publishing a number of very successful financial research advisories for him.

Until recently, Doug actually had TWO separate advisories for everyday investors — one focused on growth stocks, called Successful Investing

And another focused on income, called High Monthly Income.

It’s a fascinating story — Successful Investing was actually Doug’s continuation of an advisory service his father, investing legend Dick Fabian, began in 1977…

With Doug taking over the reigns of the service full time in 1987.

Now, in the 35 years following the inception of this service, the Fabians positively clobbered the Dow for their readers…

Their “Fabian Plan” made readers money through ALL kinds of economic and market conditions — both feast and famine…

But now, with the rise of ETFs, the game has changed.

With his new Successful ETF Investing service Doug has taken all the lucrative lessons he’s learned over 36 years in the trenches of money and finance…

And applied them to the exciting, exploding world of ETFs.

The result: a “one-stop-shop” for every imaginable investment need or scenario.

Because of the incredible, historically unprecedented versatility and liquidity of ETFs, you no longer have to focus on growth OR income…

Aggressive investments OR conservative…

You can now do it ALL — at the same time!

With no more hassle or expense than buying an individual stock. 

And with one of the world’s acknowledged, front-running authorities on ETFs showing you the ropes…

You can invest in the recommendations you’ll find in Successful ETF Investing with total confidence.

The best part: Doug’s exciting (and lucrative) new seven-piece American Asset Protection and Growth Kit is included FREE OF CHARGE.

It’s yours to keep along with your zero-risk, no-obligation trial subscription to Successful ETF Investing.

Be advised: this service is money-back guaranteed in TWO ways…

In fact, here’s that “Double Guarantee” right now, in plain black and white:

GUARANTEE #1: If you’re not completely satisfied with Successful ETF Investing at any time during the first 90 days, just let us know and you’ll promptly receive a refund of every penny you’ve paid for your subscription.

GUARANTEE #2: If you decide to cancel after the first 90 days, notify us and we’ll send you a pro-rated refund for the unused balance of your subscription.

You see?

Any way you cut it, you’re covered…

You can try Doug’s new Successful ETF Investing for up to 90 days, with absolutely no strings attached.

Keep this in mind, too: even if you exercise either of these guarantees for a full or pro-rated refund…

All the issues, bonuses and Special Reports you’ve received or downloaded as part of your subscription are yours to keep forever.

That includes Doug’s incredible seven-piece American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

As I’ve already shown you, this kit could be absolutely priceless in the Obama market crash that’s inevitably coming.

If you’re an American who’s hoping to retire at any point in the next 25 years…

I really believe you owe it to yourself — and your family and friends — to get Doug’s new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit in your hands ASAP.

I believe that so completely that I’m willing to go on the record saying this

Even if you’re planning to STEAL this kit from us, I still want you (and every American you care about) to have it

Yes, I’m a Publisher. And I DON’T work for a non-profit publishing company.

But some things transcend commerce.

Some things are just too important to view in terms of the profit that can be made from them…

And that’s exactly how I classify the information in our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

In light of president Obama’s shameless market manipulation…

And his hidden agenda to take over $23 trillion in American retirement assets

We could literally be facing a financial crisis that would make the Great Depression and the Crash of 2008 seems like Shiatsu massages.

That’s why it’s critically important that as many conscientious, deserving American investors as possible learn how to dodge it…

Or even double or triple their retirement assets as it happens.

And so, with that in mind, I say this to you in total honesty:

Even if you have no intention of remaining a long-term subscriber to Doug Fabian’s Successful ETF Investing

I’m still imploring you to sign up now — and basically steal Doug’s invaluable new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

As I’ll show you in a moment, signing up is fast and easy…

And with our money-back Double Guarantee I just showed you, it’s totally no-risk.

So go ahead, sign up — even if you think you won’t stay with us for the long haul.

Get our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit while you can — and promptly share it with everyone you care about…

And give Successful ETF Investing a look for up to 90 days, completely risk free.

Let Doug show you first hand exactly how he uses ETF’s to help his readers make and keep large amounts of money

Plus score impressive monthly income — with low risks and expenses.

After all that, feel free to cancel if you still want to.

I’ll give you all of your money back, no questions asked.

But remember, the second you sign up, our invaluable new American Asset Protection and Growth Kitis yours to KEEP forever.

So is all the money you’ll make from the tips, techniques, perspectives, and specific recommendations in it.

And that’s not ALL you’ll get, either…

Once you’re on board with Successful ETF Investing, you’ll begin to receive:

  • Successful ETF Investing Monthly Issues — Conveniently delivered to both your mailbox, and your e-mail inbox.
  • Successful ETF Investing’s Three Model Portfolios — Be it growth, income, or safety, individual investors have distinct goals. And with three portfolios to choose from, Doug’s got ETF plays for almost every investor need.
  • Successful ETF Investing Weekly Dispatches — Delivered every Friday, these include Doug’s market analysis and commentary, buy/hold/sell advice on current positions, plus new opportunities Doug’s watching.
  • Subscribers-only teleconference events — Throughout the year, Doug holds invitation-only teleconference events for his most valued members, during which he’ll tell you his views on a pressing investment topic.
  • 24/7 Web site access — Once you’re a Successful ETF Investing subscriber, you’ll have instant, password-protected access to all of Doug’s current advice, special reports, archives of back issues and recent articles, and more.
  • Successful ETF Investing’s 401(k) Model Portfolio — Here’s where you’ll find Doug’s best recommendations specifically tailored toward making your pension funds safer, better performing, and virtually “Washington proof.”
  • Successful ETF Investing’s Education Page — Every monthly issue includes an ETF Education Page. This is where Doug shares insights and little-known facts about ETFs to help you become a smarter investor.
  • Comprehensive ETF Database — Located on our members-only Web site, this is the industry’s most comprehensive ETF database. Use it to monitor and analyze the more than 1500 ETFs and ETNs in existence today.

You’ll agree, that’s a whole lot of potentially lucrative information to receive from a world-renowned investing expert — at ANY price…

But the price is the best part, at least for this one-time offer.

Remember what I said earlier about some information being so important that it transcends commerce?

Well, just like I’m doing by giving away Doug’s invaluable new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit

I’m also offering to practically GIVE you a subscription to Successful ETF Investing.

Normally, we charge $249 a year for this service. And it’s worth it 10 times over.

But since Obama’s about to crash America’s stock market — one way or another, as I’ve shown you…

I’m temporarily slashing the price of Successful ETF Investing to the point where it barely covers our production costs.

That way, there’s no excuse not to sign up and save your assets.

Notice I said “temporarily”.

There’s no way I could offer this ultra-low price for an extended period — it’s only because of these potentially dire circumstances that I can do it at all.

How much am I talking about here?

Try just $77 for a one-year subscription to Successful ETF Investing.

Now, keep in mind that for that low price, you won’t get some abbreviated package of benefits — you’ll you get the full boat

Including, most importantly, our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

Go ahead and do the math: At $77 a year, you’re getting a discount of more than 69% off this service.

And actually, because of the way the fulfillment costs break down on my end…

I can do even better on a two-year subscription plan.

For the limited time that I can keep this offer open, I’ll give you two full years’ worth of Successful ETF Investing for only $147.

That’s more than 73% off of the regular two-year price

As I’ve said, our new American Asset Protection and Growth Kit is so important to the futures of so many Americans

That I feel compelled to practically give away Successful ETF Investing for this offer.

It’s the only way I can ensure that as many people as possible get this critical information.

Trust me when I tell you…

This is the ONLY time I’ll ever implore you to circulate our hard-won, proprietary wealth-building tactics and recommendations to your entire social circle.

But again, with a major U.S. market crash looming in the near future — one that’s Obama’s fault, however it happens…

My duty to my fellow Americans takes precedence over commercial interests.

So once more, I ask you to click the link below and sign up for Successful ETF Investing right now…

Get your very own American Asset Protection and Growth Kit.

Start warning your family, friends, and neighbors about the Obama crash that’s coming.

Show them why at this point, it’s inevitable.

Make sure they’ve got the solutions they need to both weather the storm…

Or even double or triple their retirement assets as it rages.

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