Are you an income investor with a lot of money tied up in mutual funds designed to give deliver safe, solid returns?

If so, then behold the recent price movement of the Van Kampen Senior Income fund (VVR).

This closed-end mutual fund invests primarily in a portfolio of interests in floating or variable rate senior loans to corporations, partnerships, and other entities, which operate in various industries.

The company’s investment portfolio mainly includes investments in companies operating in consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, financials, healthcare, information technology, industrials, materials, telecom services and utilities sectors.

As you can see, this income-oriented investment is not safe, and it’s not steady. In fact, the price performance of this fund is downright ugly.

If you are an income investor, now is the time to re-evaluate all of your holdings. What you thought might be a safe and secure fund may be neither safe nor secure.

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