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What Really Caused the Crashes of 2001, 2007... and 2014
Dear Fellow Investor,When I saw this, I knew I had to get it in front of you as soon as possible.Like so many economists, market commentators, financial advisors, and millions of rank-and-file American investors... I've believed that the last two major U.S. market crashes were basically caused by overheated speculation in technology (2001 – '02) and housing (2007 – '08). But I just found out that everybody's been wrong about that. According to the undeniable evidence compiled by one of the world's most esteemed market analysts -- evidence that I've just seen for myself... There's a totally unreported cause of both of those historic crashes. And if his theory about the six-year "sucker cycle" in the U.S. markets is correct, we're on the brink of ANOTHER 30% - 50% crash, starting this year. Even if you don't believe this is possible, I urge you to take a look at the FREE video expose' I've put together on this situation... If you're a Baby Boomer, this information could mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and working at Wal-Mart until you're 85. Please don't let that happen. Click here right now to learn how to protect yourself -- or even double your assets -- in the coming "Crash of 2014." Sincerely, Roger Michalski Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications